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What We Do

A.S.K.’s wildlife biologist facilitates all wildlife response. From traumatic injuries to orphan cases, A.S.K. is trained to assess, capture and care for all Michigan native wildlife. A.S.K. specializes in traumatic injury repair of birds, herptiles and opossums but we rescue and triage all legal species. Our priority is to give rescued wildlife their best chances of return to the wild using certified avian veterinarians and other species-specific specialists throughout the United States.
A.S.K. holds a permit from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources for humane trapping and removal services and wildlife rehabilitation through United States Fish & Wildlife Service as a subpermittee contractor.

Services include

Free/donation-based, on-site assessment of potentially injured or orphaned wildlife.

Efficient and humane capture of wildlife using our skill-sets in animal behavior and the bare essentials (our hands) for capture, or higher tech tools like dart and net capture devices when appropriate.

Removing barriers to help; volunteer team transport service to other committed licensed wildlife rehabilitators when clients cannot travel outside of Calhoun County.

Reduction of wild animals becoming “pets” to people who find them injured or orphaned, through education and outreach. Return of unnecessarily removed (termed “kidnapped,”) to initial capture site when possible.

Nuisance wildlife mitigation assessments and habitat modification plans, and tips to reduce human-wildlife conflict.

National and international professional development with respected veterinarians

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