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Bird Sanctuary

Farmed Bird Sanctuary
We visit parks and respond to “dumped” domestic birds throughout our community and beyond. It’s heartbreaking to see a domestic bird, used to constant reliance on humans, lost and confused at a park or along a roadside wetland. These birds may have feathers, but they aren’t wild and have no survival skills or true flight ability. To avoid illness and premature death they need to be rescued and cared for by committed guardians.
The illegal abandonment of farmed birds like ducks, chickens and geese is an epidemic happening everywhere. Ducklings, goslings and chickens are bought on impulse as cute hatchling novelties without proper research or preparation for their care. A few dollars spent at the farm store isn’t reflective of the predator protection, housing, dietary needs or veterinary care necessary to keep them happy and healthy. Making matters worse, chicks cannot be accurately sexed at farm stores and people may end up with “oops roosters” that they’re not legally able to keep due to local ordinances or an improper male to female ratio of ducks causing issues they’re not prepared to address. Once problems develop many people assume that vegan sanctuaries like ours have unlimited space and resources to take them in.
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