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Saving domestic fowl, rescuing injured/orphaned wildlife, & renewing hope for 24/7 outside dogs through proactive street outreach…since 2001.
Because all species matter.
Go Vegan.


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Our Story


If you look, you will find them. All we had to do was take a drive down “cereal city’s” Main Street in the historical Post Addition neighborhood of Battle Creek, Michigan in 2001 to find dogs sitting hopelessly on the ends of chains attached to rickety wooden doghouses without even the basic comforts of straw insulation in the middle of winter. There they sat, as permanent lawn ornaments.

These were dogs of underserved neighborhoods; animals were just an ill-fated extension to multiple struggles faced by their humans, and historically no attention was given to them by anyone. They were disregarded, overlooked and labeled as “fighting” dogs sitting on guard at “drug houses” “owned” by “unteachable” people. All Species Kinship (A.S.K.) set out to break stereotypes and change lives.

A.S.K. was born, and promises were made to those dogs that we would make their lives better.  And we have done just that.

In 2003 the organization was recognized as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity and services expanded to include both underserved dogs of Calhoun County, and also to other “under dogs” too: farm animals and wildlife throughout the state of Michigan.

Kathe and I have traveled the streets with a tenacious team of volunteers to save and transform the lives of innumerable animals, while serving countless people since day one, and we are committed to continuing this tradition of proactive compassion so long as there is a need.

Fueled by vegan cupcakes and passion, we hope you’ll join us on our journey serving the disregarded families and animals of Michigan, and beyond.

If you think in terms of a year, plant a seed; if in terms of ten years, plant trees; if in terms of 100 years, teach the people.

Sophia DiPietro
Executive Director & cofounder



Our Mission

Direct-outreach social services to enhance the quality of underserved dogs’ lives through inspiring changes in behaviors and attitudes of their guardians via distribution of free relief supplies, on-site hands-on help, and rescue of ailing wildlife and sanctuary to discarded farm animals.



Our Ethics

A.S.K. is operated in the spirit of doing the most good while doing the least harm for humans, non-human animals and our planet. All fundraisers and charitable activities adhere to vegan ethics. You won’t find us selling hot dogs to help dogs, or patronizing animal circuses or rodeos. A.S.K. does not profit from our rescued animals, or use them in a utilitarian way. Want to learn more about “why vegan?” Go here: A.S.K. welcomes participation and involvement from anyone respectful to our ethical standard of operations.



Our Financials


All Species Kinship (A.S.K.) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our tax-exempt number (EIN): 20-0498076.

We are funded solely through a combination of individual donations, grants/foundations and payroll campaigns.

Your tax-deductible donation allows us to operate free social services in Michigan to help people and animals. A.S.K. only exists thanks to collective worldwide support!

Low Overhead:

We are grassroots operated, and don’t maintain a public office space to keep costs down. We are frugal and mindful of every dollar we earn and our priority is to spend 95%+ of donations directly on animals and their needs. We can guarantee donors that donations will actually reach animals, dollar for dollar, enhancing the impact of giving.

Combined Federal Campaign (CFC):

We are a member of the Combined Federal Campaign ( CFC #87977

The CFC is a payroll program in which federal employees choose charities to support. Donations are automatically withdrawn from their paychecks, combined, and deposited in lump sums to recipient organizations, such as A.S.K.

United Way Partner:

A.S.K. is a United Way Partner. If you don’t see our name listed, you can write our full name, “All Species Kinship” in. Have a question? Call us 877-596-7776

Charity Navigator

We are NOT listed in Charity Navigator because they only review budgets that exceed $1,000,000. Specifically: they require “public support to be more than $500,000 and total revenue more $1,000,000.”

Privacy Policy

A.S.K. never shares your information with other parties. All calls and correspondence to A.S.K. are confidential.