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Saving domestic fowl, rescuing injured/orphaned wildlife, & renewing hope for 24/7 outside dogs through proactive street outreach…since 2001.
Because all species matter.
Go Vegan.

Why Vegan

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All Species Kinship (A.S.K.) is a vegan-operated nonprofit which means that we do not use animals, or their byproducts. A.S.K. promotes a plant-based diet, and we welcome you to try it!

This subject is close to our hearts as A.S.K. routinely rescues farmed animals, with an emphasis on ducks, geese, roosters, and chickens that have been genetically modified to produce more eggs, and grow faster for slaughter. Even without these harmful effects, farmed animals are overlooked routinely in terms of their humane welfare, and most go without vet care and live in poor sanitary conditions even on small backyard farms. “All Species Kinship” means living in harmony with all species to the best of our abilities.